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Holder KOVA-BIT d.o.o.
HR-10000 Zagreb, Maksimirski perivoj bb

Phone: ++ 385 (0)1 2310 970, fax: ++ 385 (0)1 2310 690

Work hours: Every day from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The largest catering facility in Park Maksimir was constructed near the main entrance (portal), in a place where Šarić family restaurant used to be, a popular meeting place of many generations of inhabitants of Zagreb. Restaurant was renovated in 2005, and consists of cafe, VIP lounge and wedding hall. It offers all kinds of warm and cold drinks, and traditional and foreign culinary specialties. Weddings and other festivities can be organized in the restaurant.

/ Restaurant »Maksimir«, source: archive PIM /


Inside the borders of monument of park architecture Park Maksimir still located are: BUFFET »MEDVEDNICA« Zagreb, Bukovačka street bb, phone: ++ 385 (0)1 2421 263 and BISTRO »ORKAN« Zagreb, Bukovačka street 6, phone: ++ 385 (0)1 2421 251.

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Public Institution »Maksimir«, Maksimirski perivoj bb
HR-10000 Zagreb, phone: ++385 (0)1 2320 460, fax: ++385 (0)1 2320 461
e-mail: park-maksimir@park-maksimir.hr