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One of the leading idea of Park Maksimir's founder Bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovec when he begun its restoration, was to turn an old bishop's forest at the end of the city into a place for rest and recreation of Zagreb 's citizens.

If we look back into the past we will see that Park Maksimir is connected to the beginning of many sport games.

The first skating ring in Zagreb was opened in 1853 in Park Maksimir on the Lower (first) lake.

Skiing and slaying in Zagreb are connected to the slopes of Park Maksimir. In 1894 Franjo Bučar organized the first sky school and sky tours in Park Maksimir.

In 1923 on the Lower (first) lake in Park Maksimir the first international swimming and water polo mach was held.

In 1931 in Park Maksimir the first golf course in Croatia was made. The course had nine holes, and its construction was initiated by the first golf club in these parts, »Golf club Zagreb«, founded in 1927.

History recorded many rowing and cycling races that were held in Park Maksimir.

Today, Park Maksimir represents an ideal place; only five minutes away from the city centre, where you can at least for a moment hide from the city noise and enjoy rest and recreation. There are many possibilities that the Park offers, like taking a walk down Park's paths, Nordic walking, jogging, cycling, rowing on the third lake, and for children there are two modern playgrounds.

If all of this is not enough for you, you can join one of organized activities held by various associations in Park Maksimir. Contact them!

Athletes club »Veteran«

Society for sporting recreation »Maksimir«

Society for sporting recreation »Rekreacija i Zabava«

Zagreb Mountaineering Society

Mountaineering orientation club »Maksimir«

Scouts Association »Maksimir«

Zagreb Association for sporting recreation »Šport za sve«

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