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For the purpose of preserving the main values of the Park, this year we will focus our activities to protection and preservation of natural and cultural values, carrying out scientific and expert researches, making a data base and introducing GIS system, maintaining paths and signs, maintaining horticultural basis of the park, organizing and removing waste, and education of employees.

Promotion will be carried out through opening an Info-center, marking important dates connected to the Park and nature protection, organizing events according to specific occasions, preparing an educative program, publishing promotional materials and WEB page, and through a survey we will find out what our visitors think.

Protection and preservation of natural values



For the purpose of protecting certain species or groups of plants and animals, this year we carried out an action for protection of common toad (Bufo bufo), and other protected species of amphibians. As a part of this action a leaflet was printed (pdf format) as well as educative panel (pdf format), which will be placed around the third lake during the period of hatchering of toads. Students of »Faculty of Science University of Zagreb«, »Society for protection and research of amphibians and reptiles in Croatia – Hyla«, and pupils of Elementary school »Dobriša Cesarić« participated in the research of population of toads. A social game with educative character was designed, which is primarily intended for kindergarten and elementary school children.



Recently people more and more often let their pets free in the nature, like Red-eared slider turtles. In that way the inadvertently disturb sensitive natural balance by introducing foreign species into habitat. «Host species» are then compelled to »fight« with them for space and food, by which their number decreases. Research will be carried out with the »Society for protection and research of amphibians and reptiles in Croatia – Hyla«, by monitoring the number of Red-eared slider turtles and their influence on autochthon pond turtles.



Park Maksimir is a place where visitors can see great diversity of tree species on a small area, and this year we will design and place an educational trail connected to determination of different tree species that can be found in the Park, as well as in other parts of Croatia. Beside the trail, which will have an interactive character, we will print a brochure-guide.



Besides renovating Gatekeepers house as protected monument of culture, an informative panel will be placed in front of 7 protected objects – Mogila, Obelisk, Echo pavilion, Gazebo, Swiss house, Gatekeepers house and St. Juraj's chapel. Besides panels, we will print a brochure-guide with more detailed information.




For the purpose of preservation and valuing natural heritage it is necessary to know all plant and animal species that live here, and what are the possible causes of their vulnerability. For this purpose we will carry out scientific and expert researches of floral world, butterflies, and qualitative and quantitative research of birds in Park Maksimir.



In vegetation season 2006 (from March to September), on the area of Park Maksimir, a research of grasslands flora, ground layer flora in forest areas, and macrophyte flora of lakes will be researched. As a part of these researches, relative number, flowering period of certain species, as well as distribution of rare and endangered species included in »Red book of Croatian vascular flora« will be determined. Research will be carried out by »Croatian Museum of Natural History« and » Faculty of Science University of Zagreb «.



In the period from April to October, on the area of Park Maksimir, a field research of butterflies will be conducted. As a part of the research zero-state of the Park will be determined, and existing literature will be gathered as well as collection from Croatian Museum of Natural History. A special emphasis will be placed on endangered and by law protected species in Croatia. Research will be carried out by »Croatian Museum of Natural History«.



A research will be conducted with a goal of determining qualitative and quantitative composition of nesting birds in Park Maksimir, a proposal for monitoring and guidelines for forest management. Expected results are a list of birds in park Maksimir with possible qualitative changes that can be seen from historical data, qualitative and quantitative composition of nesting birds in forest, meadow and aquatic habitats in Park Maksimir, assessment of total population of all species of nesting birds in the Park, proposal for monitoring (monitoring the number) of selected species or groups of birds, and a proposal for forest management for the purpose of preservation (an increase) of biodiversity of Park's ornithofauna.


Making a data base and introduction of GIS system

Making of program support database connected to supervision, monitoring of natural and cultural values and literature is in progress. By introducing GIS all received field data will be placed in recently published map of Park Maksimir in digital form.


Organizing and removing waste

During April and May 2006 we will conduct action for decorating Park Maksimir. The action is organized by »City office for health, work, social protection and defenders « by the name »Participation of unemployed Croatian defenders and unemployed citizens of Zagreb City, and other citizens of Zagreb City in public works in 2006«.

On the east side of the Park a waste disposal container will be placed.


Opening Info-centre

For the purpose of giving information to visitors this year we will start with renovation works on Gatekeepers house. As a part of the Info-centre there will be an interpretation area, offices of conservation service and gift-shop. Ongoing is a tender for renovation of the object.


Marking important dates connected to nature protection

In collaboration with » State institute for nature protection « we will organize »European Parks Day« and » International day of protection of biodiversity «, on May 20 and 21, 2006. Public institutions for management of protected areas in Republic Croatia (national parks and nature parks) will present their work, and visitors will be able to get more information on protected areas and the necessity of nature protection in Republic Croatia. Visitors of Park Maksimir will also bi invited to participate in some educative programs held by these Institutions.

On the night of August 26/27 visitors will have the opportunity to participate in the celebration of »International Bat Night« which will be organized with cooperation of international organization EUROBATS and » Croatian Museum of Natural History «. A lecture will be held about this animal group, and for all of those that want more contact with the nature, a night listening of bats with the help of special device called »bat detector« will be organized.


Organizing events

In 2006 Public institution will continue to organize popular music concerts on the big stage in Park Maksimir, as well as classical music concerts in Echo pavilion. Concerts will be held on Sundays during months May, June, September and October. On these WEB pages, as well through public printed and electronic media visitors will be able to find out the exact times of concerts.


Publishing promotional materials

Tourist map of Park Maksimir is published which will help visitors in their walks through the Park and they will be able to find out more information about the Park.

We are making a promotional leaflet, which will be published in several languages, and will be passed out in tourist informative centers in Zagreb, at the airport, at the main railroad station, etc., and we are planning on making a CD postcard of park Maksimir with air photos.


WEB pages

New WEB pages of the Park have been made. Grade them yourself!



For the purpose of questioning public and visitors' opinion, a survey will be made which you can fill out through this WEB page. Thank you!


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