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The area of Park Maksimir has moderate continental climate modified by maritime influence from the Mediterranean. According to Köppen's classification of climate, which takes into account important characteristics of annual temperature range of air and precipitation, Park Maksimir has moderate warm rainy climate with the following characteristics:

  • temperature of the coldest month is higher than -3°C and lower than 18°C
  • summers are relatively fresh (mean monthly temperature of the warmest month is higher than 22°C)
  • distribution of precipitation is relatively equable during the whole year, taking into account that in the warmer part of the year there is more precipitation
  • mean annual temperature is around 11°C, mean winter temperature is around 1°C, spring 11°C, summer 20°C and autumn 11°C
  • mean temperature maximum is around 35°C, and minimum around -16°C (absolute minimum can be below -30°C)
  • temperature of the warmest month is around 21°C, and coldest around 0°C

Mean monthly precipitation have a range that is characteristic for continental regime of precipitation. Annual precipitation is around 870 mm (winter 21%, spring 22%, summer 30% and autumn 27%). Maximal precipitation is in June, mostly in the form of rain showers followed by strong wind. Minimal precipitation is in January and February. The period of possibility of snow lasts for about 136 days.



Main wind direction is north and northeast. Spring (especially April) is the windiest season in Park Maksimir.


/ Annual wind rose for Zagreb-Maksimir for the period from 1981 to 2000 /

Two elements have a significant influence on the microclimate of Park parka Maksimir: CITY TRAFFIC AND INDUSTRY ON ONE HAND, AND THE VICINITY OF MEDVEDNICA ON THE OTHER HAND, which with its relief and forest has a great influence on overall climate of Zagreb.

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